Cat Grooming Services

Cats are completely different in the way they behave whilst being groomed, for this reason I have created specialised services for cats that I have found to work well through my experience of grooming them.


You can book any of our cat grooming services by calling 01225 581582 or email We don't offer cat grooming to be booked on our online service due to cats needing quiet appointment times so the appointments are better made once one of our stylists has had a chat about your pets specific needs.

Brush and Fluff

  • 1 hr service
  • full brush out of the coat
  • claws cut (only for indoor cats)
  • removal of small matts or tangles


I do not bath cats between October - February. I will only bath your cat once a year due to cats needing there natural oils to keep there coat in good condition. If a cat is bathed by me it will need to be kept indoors for at least 24 hours after the treatment to ensure it is completely dry.


I use high quality cat shampoos to bath your cat, most cats do not like to be dried with the dryer so there is always the possibility of your cat coming home slightly damp. This service is between 1-2hrs.


Matt Removal

If your cat is badly matted then I can help. I do not brush heavily matted cats out but will simply and painlessly remove the matts with clippers. The service is 2 hrs and your cat will be given regular breaks.

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