Cat Grooming Services

Cats are completely different in the way they behave whilst being groomed, for this reason I have created specialised services for cats that I have found to work well through my experience of grooming them.


You can book any of our cat grooming services by calling 01225 581582, email or book online.


Please note we are also a dog grooming salon and due to the size and layout of our salon your cat will be groomed in the same room as dogs. Obviously we keep dogs well away from your cat and have never had an issue with cats and dogs being groomed in the same room. We feel it benefits both cat and groomer as there is always someone close by to lend the cat groomer an extra set of hands if needed.

Cat Grooming Service 1hr £35

  • 1 hr service
  • full brush out of the coat
  • claws cut 
  • removal of  matts or tangles
  • sanitary and belly shave (if you require)
  • application of waterless shampoo to remove excess grease and dirt in the coat.


We do bath cats for you but they do need to visit us first for a brush out appointment or have been bathed before regularly by another groomer and tolerate it well. Cats are naturally fearful of water and so we need to asses your cats temperament and tolerance of grooming before we would consider bathing them. This is for both the safety of your cat and our groomer. Please call 01225 581582 or email if you would like to discuss us bathing your cat.

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